The Making of a Tree

I started by cutting the tree trunk with a glass saw and then gathered various shades of green to snip into the leaves.

The next step is to cut the trim with a the strip cutter.

I washed the glass and applied it to the base. I also added the tree trunk, being sure to allow enough room for the tree canopy. Now the glue will set up while I prepare the leaves.

I used the glass nipper to create the leaves from the green glass.  Now the fun begins!!


The next step is to start adding the leaves.

I keep adding the leaves to build the leaf canopy.

I have continued to add more leaves and am just about done. Ready for the kiln!  By the time the kiln slowly steps up to the top temperature and steps down as it cools, the glass will have been in there about 23 hours.

The tree has been fused in the kiln and is now one piece of glass.  To make it into a dish, it needs to go back into the kiln on top of a ceramic mold.  The slumping firing will take about 18 hours as the temperature of the kiln slowly steps up and then back down. The picture shows the fused piece of glass on top of a ceramic mold that has been prepared with glass release to keep the glass blog – from sticking to the mold.

My tree is now complete.


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