Stained Glass Valances

In the winter of 2005-2006 I took classes and learned how to work with stained glass, which was an interesting departure for me as I’ve never been interested in stained glass doo-dads. My original thought was to create quilts out of glass to hang on the wall. That also happened to be the same period of time when we moved into a different house and I had to make decisions about window treatments. One day as I was looking at the bare windows I said, “I’m  going to make glass curtains” and the idea of stained glass valances was born!

Dan and I worked together and created our first design, Noah’s Arc, loved it, got a copyright, and decided to bring joy to other people’s windows. We have been creating custom-made stained glass valances for people ever since!

Let the sun stream in with our artistic, innovative, glass valances. Whether you are doing one window or a room full, you will be amazed at how different your room looks! The process is very simple:

  • Begin by measuring your windows.
  • Select one of our patterns or create your own.
  • Choose the glass colors and textures that work with your décor.
  • Hang when completed!

They only take a couple of minutes to hang – no tools required! Yes, you can still have blinds or shades behind them. Email us with your measurements to get a quote.

Designed and created in Maine by Dan and Polly Plourde

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Mill Design Design: The Mill

This design was inspired by the Saco River flowing past our windows in an old mill in Biddeford, ME. It features a lot of clear glass with different textures and just a few pops of color.

Ivy Design Design: Ivy

This design is intended to cover the top half of your window. We typically use two different clear textures – one for the ivy and a second one for the background.

Noah's Arc design Design: Noah’s Arc

Noah’s Arc was our first valance design and continues to be the most popular.

Simple oval design Design: Simple Oval

This design is classically simple. It can also be used in cabinet doors instead of plain glass.

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