Valance Design: The Mill

This stained glass valance design is called The Mill. It was inspired by the Saco River which flowed past the windows of a shop we used to have in an old mill in Biddeford, Maine. The original Mill design showcased the beauty of clear stained glass with different textures and a few pops of color. We have since created different versions of The Mill, shown below.
Whether you want to use clear textures, all colors, or a bit of both, the random sizes of the squares and rectangles look great!

Mill Design Design: The Mill

Our original Mill design features various clear textures with a few pops of color and a bottom that flows from one side to the other.

Modified Mill Design Design: The Mill (modified)

We took our original Mill design and flipped it around – using all colors with just a few pops of clear textured glass. We also eliminated the wavy bottom. Same basic design with dramatically different results.

Mill Design with dragon flies
Mill Design featuring Dragon Flies, Hanging Between Rooms

The Mill design with arc Design: The Mill (with an arc)

This modification of The Mill design kept the variety of clear textures with a few pops of color, but we eliminated the wavy bottom and used the arc from the Noah’s Arc design.

The Mill design with arc
Design: The Mill with arc
The Mill design with an arc, like Noah’s Arc
This valance was modified to include a starfish to match the tile
Mill Design with Arc

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