Cherry Square Bowl


Cherry Hardwood Bowl – 8.25″ square by 1.75″ high

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Lathe Turned Hardwood Bowl

This bowl is made from a Cherry tree that was harvested in Scarborough, Maine. The rustic quality of the wood adds great visual appeal!

Our bowls are safe for use with food. After using your bowl, wipe it out with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly. Never place a wooden bowl in a dishwasher or leave it soaking in water. To maintain the lovely finish, periodically rub it with mineral oil. Do not use vegetable or nut oils to maintain the finish as they will go rancid.


The process begins with a section of a tree, which is cut in half vertically. The next step is to cut one of the pieces into a circle and affix it to a lathe using a face plate. The lathe is then turned on and a tool is used to roughly shape what will become the outside of the bowl. The piece is then removed from the face plate and reattached in the other direction so the inside can be roughed out. When the bowl is removed from the lathe the walls are approximately an inch thick. A sealer is then applied to the end grains of the wood to control the drying process, which helps prevent cracking. The sealed bowl, now called a blank, is set aside to slowly dry for approximately a year.

When the moisture content is around 8%, the blank is reattached to the lathe and a tool is used to finish the outside of the bowl. When the outside is done, the blank is reattached in the other direction to complete the inside. The last step is to sand, sand, sand, beginning with 100 grit sandpaper and ending with 320. A food safe sealer is applied, and the bowl is then ready to be used.

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