Long legged, periwinkle bird ornament


Colorful, long legged periwinkle bird struttin’ along! Handcrafted in Maine.


Struttin’! Bird Ornaments

These long legged, colorful birds are busy struttin’ along.  They make great gifts for people who love playful birds!  Use them on a holiday tree as an ornament or hang them in a window for some colorful fun.

Approximately 3″ x 2.5″.  Available in a variety of colors.

Our ornaments arrive in an attractive box with a clear lid.  Just add a bow and you are ready to give a handcrafted gift. Each ornament is ready to hang with the ribbon we provide.

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Polly & Dan have been working with glass since 2005 in their home studio in Scarborough, Maine. While they both do traditional stained glass work, Polly is passionate about fusing glass.

What is fused glass?

The process begins with fusible stained glass, which is basically a special type of stained glass that can withstand the high temperatures of a kiln.  The design elements are cut by hand from the various colors of glass, cleaned, and then assembled.  The piece then goes into the kiln and the intense heat fuses the individual pieces of glass into one.  If the fused piece is going to be shaped (like the curved Birch panels) it goes into the kiln a second time at a lower temperature and is placed on a mold.  As the temperature in the kiln slowly rises the glass slumps into (or over) the mold, taking on its shape.

Designed and handcrafted in Maine by Polly and Dan Plourde