Giggle Serving Dish (red)


Fun, fused glass serving dish in red featuring the word “giggle” and two funny birds.  Handcrafted in Maine.



Anything served on this dish is bound to be well received!  This fun dish features the word “giggle” and has two long legged birds to make you smile. Don’t use boring white serving dishes … add some splash to the occasion!  When you’re not using it, consider displaying it on your counter for a pop of colorful fun.  This size works well for cheese and crackers, appetizers, and cookies. Dishwasher safe.

Approximately 17.5″ by 4″.  The color of the birds vary.


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Polly & Dan have been working with glass since 2005 and have a studio in their home in Scarborough, Maine. They both do traditional stained glass work, but Polly’s real passion is fusing glass.

The Art of Fusing Glass:

The process begins with fusible stained glass.  Elements of the design are cut by hand from the various colors of glass, cleaned, assembled, and placed in a kiln.  The intense heat fuses the individual pieces of glass into one. The size and thickness of the glass dictates how long it needs to stay in the kiln, but a typical firing takes approximately 18 hours.

Creating a dish from the fused piece of glass is achieved by returning it to the kiln a second time, at a lower temperature, on a ceramic or stainless steel mold.  The glass slumps into the mold, taking on its shape, as the temperature in the kiln rises.  That process is glass slumping.

Check out this video to view the process.

Designed and handcrafted in Maine by Polly and Dan Plourde