fused glass strutting birds



Whimsical glass art featuring five colorful birds.  Gently curved to allow it to stand freely. Handcrafted in Maine.

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Product Description


This hand-crafted decorative piece features four whimsical, colorful birds just strutting along enjoying the day, doing their thing.  You may notice that one of the birds is off on its own journey, but the others always know where it is.  Some may look at this item and ask, Polly, does this design represent your family?  Well, we do have three children and one of them was always wandering off … not going to mention any names.  🙂 

Struttin’! is sure to keep you smiling!

Approximately 10″ long.  Style and colors vary.

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Our fused glass products are created by cutting all the parts by hand from fusible, stained glass.  The glass is then thoroughly washed and assembled and placed into a kiln to fuse the glass together.

Designed and handcrafted in Maine by Dan and Polly Plourde

Product photo by Thomas-John Veilleux