Lobster Buoy Ornament


Fused glass ornaments in the shape of a lobster buoy. Color and styles varies.  Handcrafted in Maine.

Product Description

Lobster Buoy Ornament

Lobster buoys are a common sight off the rocky coast of Maine.  Each lobsterman’s buoys have a unique design to help him/her quickly identify where their traps are. Often, one of the buoys is displayed on the lobster boat, like a flag.  The floating buoy is attached to a rope, which in turn is attached to several lobster traps which sit on the ocean bottom.  If you have never seen a lobsterman pull his traps, you should make a point to do that sometime – it is very interesting and gives you a real appreciation for the hard life of a lobsterman.

I have a blast when I make the buoy ornaments because I get to play with lots of color.  🙂

Our ornaments arrive in an attractive box with a clear lid so that you can view the item.  Just add a bow and you are ready to give a handcrafted gift. Each ornament is ready to hang.

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Polly & Dan have been working with glass for more than a decade in their home studio in Dayton, Maine. While they both do traditional stained glass work, Polly is passionate about fusing glass.

Fusing Process:

Each element of the design is cut by hand, washed, assembled and placed in the kiln, where it fuses together to become one piece of glass. When working on a plate, the fused piece of glass is placed in the kiln a second time on top of a mold and during the firing the glass slumps down into the mold, taking on its shape. A long process, to be sure, but a whole lot of fun!!

Designed and handcrafted in Maine by Polly and Dan Plourde

Product photo by Thomas-John Veilleux