two owls on tree branches

Fused Glass Serving Dish Featuring Owls


Handcrafted serving dish featuring colorful owls.

Product Description

Fused glass serving dish featuring owls

This fused glass dish features two owls just hanging around on their branches.  This would make a fabulous serving dish for appetizers.  When the food is gone, your guests will be entertained by the dish itself.

This dish is approximately 13.5″ x 9.5″ x 1″ and can be placed in the dishwasher. Colors and styles vary.

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Polly & Dan have been working with glass for more than a decade in their home studio in Dayton, Maine. While they both do traditional stained glass work, Polly is passionate about fusing glass.

Fusing Process:

Each element of the design is cut by hand, washed, assembled and placed in the kiln, where it fuses together to become one piece of glass. When working on a plate, the fused piece of glass is placed in the kiln a second time on top of a mold and during the firing the glass slumps down into the mold, taking on its shape. A long process, to be sure, but a whole lot of fun!!

Designed and handcrafted in Maine by Polly and Dan Plourde

Product photo by Thomas-John Veilleux