Chster Greenwood Ornament

“Chester” Snowman Ornament


Fused glass “Chester,” earmuff-sporting ornament.  Handcrafted in Maine.

Product Description

Chester” an earmuff-sporting snowman ornament

The first time most people see Chester, our earmuff-sporting snowman, they immediately know why his name is Chester.  He is named after Chester Greenwood who invented earmuffs in Farmington, Maine in 1873.  He was 15 at the time!  Reportedly Chester liked to ice skate but did not like his ears to be cold, so he asked his grandmother to sew some tufts of fur between loops of wire.  Yankee ingenuity at its best!  We named our ornament Chester in honor of Chester Greenwood’s great contribution to winter fashion.  This fused glass earmuff-sporting snowman will look awesome on your holiday tree and he makes a great gift too.

One day I got an email from Chester Greenwood III who found our Chester in a gift shop.  He wanted to let me know that Chester Greenwood was his grandfather and he loved the earmuffs on our Chester and purchased some for his grandchildren.  It was so cool to get that email!

The Chester Greenwood story is on the back of the box Chester comes in so you can share the story.

Approximately 2.5″ wide.  Color and style varies with each ornament.

Our ornaments arrive in an attractive box with a clear lid so that you can view the item.  Just add a bow and you are ready to give a handcrafted gift. Each ornament is ready to hang with the ribbon we provide.

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Polly & Dan have been working with glass for more than a decade in their home studio in Dayton, Maine. While they both do traditional stained glass work, Polly is passionate about fusing glass.

Fusing Process:

Each element of the design is cut by hand, washed, assembled and placed in the kiln, where it fuses together to become one piece of glass. When working on a plate, the fused piece of glass is placed in the kiln a second time on top of a mold and during the firing the glass slumps down into the mold, taking on its shape. A long process, to be sure, but a whole lot of fun!!

Designed and handcrafted in Maine by Polly and Dan Plourde